The LGBTQ+ community deserves great healthcare.


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More than 50% of lesbian gay and bisexual people are discriminated against by doctors, and for trans people that number jumps to 70%. This isn’t the AIDS crisis of the 80’s. This is common colds and cancer screenings in 2017. 

QSPACES is on a mission to improve LGBTQ+ health and wellness. We are working to achieve LGBTQ+ health equity and reduce health disparities through the creation of meaningful products and services that improve the access to and quality of health and wellness experiences.

Here's our plan.

First, we built for the LGBTQ+ community to share information on health and wellness providers. It's like Yelp, but for primary care physicians, massage therapists, psychiatrists, and other providers. It's free and anonymous for the LGBTQ+ to use.
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Secondly, we provide LGBTQ+ trainings and consulting services to health and wellness providers. We help providers navigate patient interactions and empower teams through increased LGBTQ-specific knowledge and skills. 
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helping the LGBTQ+ community find great doctors and health providers



Choose your own username to remain anonymous. This is your healthcare information, and we want you to feel secure that reviews you leave on QSPACES can be anonymous.


Search healthcare providers who fit your needs and rate highly in the LGTBQ community. You can search by provider name or specialty. Specialties include everything from primary care physicians to therapists to yoga instructors. 


Rate your healthcare provider across 3 different criteria to leave a detailed and robust rating. Leave as much or as little information as you want in an open text box to help the rest of the LGBTQ community make informed decisions when choosing their providers.

AVAILABILITY is currently on a trial run in Pennsylvania.
We know this is a critical tool and we are working as fast as we can to expand responsibly.

If you are interested in sponsoring QSPACES in your area, or can put us in contact with an individual or institution who is, please do so! 

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